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As a Multimedia Designer, i am finding it really hard to find ways to practice “sustainable design”, Its all well and good to be aware of it and i’m all for reversing climate change but realistically in the workplace there are not too many things i can do that will make a difference.

When the question was posed to a teacher in a lecture last week, The best example they could come up with was that the Google servers use lots of energy and create heat that then requires air-con. So, are they suggesting that we stop using google? Not Possible, Maybe they mean we rethink the way the servers and air-con operates, well thats one for the IT students not me. My point is, when everything i do is in front of a computer, the final products are digital… what can i do?

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As i said i’m all for sustainability I just hope that being the first university to join the designers accord is not just for show.

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When hybrids look like this… Maybe I’ll consider selling my V8.

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